24 October 2005

New Room

IKEA - Amazing. After having lunch for three for 16 bucks I went shopping with the 'rents for three hours wandering around the massive IKEA store in Atlanta. I know for a fact that it is the largest such store in North America and it could be the biggest in the world. The best thing about IKEA is the use of space. They take a tiny space and fill it with a huge amount of storage and everything you could want. Want to live in 350 square feet? They've got you covered, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen all included. I found a great cubic bookshelf 4x4 1.5 feet each. Now I no longer have boxes stacked in my room from the move in August. Much better situation let me tell ya.

If anyone has bothered to read from the beginning my neck is slowly getting better with the help of Physical Therapy. Damn this is taking a long time. Turns out it was not just a muscle pull but either an inflamed disk or something along those lines. Either way I can't wait for it to get better. Anyways I am contemplating setting up another blog for pictures only; I just need to get a digi-cam first.