24 July 2008

New music month

I just came across some new rips I needed to share. Check out People in Planes. Amazing stuff here.

Website: http://www.peopleinplanes.com/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/peopleinplanes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/People-In-Planes/5758096519

Think Muse but with some more melodic panache'. This one comes in under Highly Recommended. Just take a few minutes and listen to the main cut off of Beyond the Horizon called Pretty Buildings. You don't even have to search for it, just go to their website and listen to the flash version.

In other news, I have some cuts from another left field source. Good Weather For Airstrikes has come through again. This time with artist Gotye (pronounced [goːtijeː]) approximately "gore-ti-yeah" in Australian English. Raised in Melbourne, AU but born in Beligum this artist has risen completely without the involvement of any record labels to produce something haunting and moving at the same time in Hearts a Mess. Check out the links here, and be sure to read the excerpt from Airstrikes to see why it is my main source for new music reviews.

Website: Gotye
Myspace: teh myspace
Remix of many Remixes: Youtube mix

“Hearts A Mess” is a pastiche of borrowed sounds and samples culled from record store bargain bins and passed-down vinyl heirlooms, yet the result is a remarkably unified sonic vision: swirling strings, atmospheric percussion and a heartwrenching chorus for the ages all converging to result in the most majestic single you’ll hear all year. A cinematic pop masterpiece just begging to be plugged into any number of primetime network dramas (you feeling me, Alexandra Patsavas?), the track soars and swells into an orchestral gem the likes of which haven’t been heard in pop music since Sebastien Tellier made eyes water across Europe with the stirring beauty of “La Ritournelle”. Similarly, “Hearts A Mess” sounds like nothing else out there right now, a timeless pop classic unrestrained by genre or critical expectations, and it’s the kind of special, once-in-a-lifetime single that rarely comes along in this increasingly homogenized indie scene.

As if the track itself weren’t enough to send you scrambling down to the record shops, the single comes backed with some top-notch remixes as well. Lull continues to establish himself as one of the most underrated talents in the remix game here, adding some glitch, crackle and ice-cool pop to the original and placing it in an even more otherworldly sonic context than before. A pulsing, throbbing bassline gives the song a solid backbone, but it’s the impeccable synth line that squiggles back and forth across the mix starting at the 1:31 mark that really takes the track to a whole new level of ethereal beauty and emotion. Melodramatic sonic textures and feelings not so much your thing? Then try the Ocelot remix of the track on for size. It’s the kind of thing that comes on as your leaving the club at dawn and forces you to race back inside and rage for three more hours, and the half-Texan/half-British duo drop the beat so hard this might not be legal in some midwestern states. Seriously.

Link: Good Weather For Airstrikes