31 December 2005

Introspective look through another's eyes

I used to regret a lot of experiences, mistakes, choices I have made. I used to pine for the past, all the time wishing, desperately, that I could once again attain and maintain what I once had. I no longer have regrets. I no longer want the present to be an incarnate of the past. The present is far too precious, preferred above the past, to give it up readily. ~ thisexit

I found this entry while surfing through the blogs. The above excerpt is brilliantly written and is expressive of many thoughts at this time of retrospective on the eve of the New Year. I also credit the photo to another blogger Brittany Benson whom I stumbled across tonight. Both are beautiful expressions that deserve recognition.

30 December 2005

Yankee$ $uck

Ok, So why is it the only people who talk to you if you have a Red Sox Hat on are Yankees fans? And to all Yankees fans in the greater Atlanta area: Yes I know Johnny Damon was traded, is a trator and that goes for every member of the Red Sox nation. You really don't need to ask. Oh and I am actually from New England, so all of you posers who have never even been to New York, yet claim to be fans, can piss off!

26 December 2005

New battery puts power plant in your pocket

Japanese electronics maker Toshiba launched two MP3 players in October that run on DMFC fuel cells, using methanol as fuel. The smaller device is no larger than a pack of gum, offers Flash storage, and holds 3.5 millilitres of fuel - good for 35 hours of musical enjoyment.

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