31 August 2006


I just found out that a buddy of mine has a blog. Interesting topics. Check out the site! AngryShuna.org

The next site I came across that sparked my interest was Apartment Therapy. It is a design website with great photography. I think I might take a few tips from the 8 step home cure book.

On a more manly subject, I found some awesome offroad tires that fit JS's truck. Very cool tires, continous treadblocks in the center of the tire, it looks like it can really handle on the road too. Plus they just have an amazing tread pattern. And lets face it if you are going to own a Ranger with a FX4 Off-Road package you need Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO with UNI-T AQII Technology.

13 August 2006

Best of Moto GP

Check out this bad ass video I found on Youtube! Great music vid from MotoGP

04 August 2006

Illustration of feeling

Why must we always be at odds, glass full and glass empty. Someday our footsteps will sync and the tear will mend. Hope eternal.

I think of you thinking.
More Amazing pictures here

01 August 2006

Civil engineer, Paul Pedini built his home from salvaged Big Dig scraps.

He spent a decade working on the the Big Dig and found it illogical that his company was being paid to junk high quality materials. So built a home out of them. Some people are resentful that he got the materials for free, but it saved money and he paid to haul it away. He is now pushing for more construction recycling.

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Dvorak: The Politics of Piracy Emerge in Sweden

Today's youth internationally are not like anything we've seen before. Their view of the world is skewed by the media and new realities. When they see all these restrictions, they see them done on behalf of fat guys who are flying around in private jets with a cabin full of high-class hookers while lighting cigars with hundred-dollar bills.

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