13 August 2007

It has been a while my dear friend...

Okay; so living in the south with a nice car can be dangerous... I thought the creepy feeling while driving though the rural south was only the humor on the BBC motoring show Top Gear. Article here on Digg, and Video when I can find it... ok that took two seconds (including the link). Wow media is so quick these days. I digress.

What must we look like to others? From the point of view of another country's media, the British Broadcasting System of all people, we are so backwards its funny. It is just amazing. I know this vid is old and we have all laughed at it already. This clip was recovered from my memory because of two random videos I came across tonight. As Hamster and May discuss, getting shot, and how the three most important things in the south are, God, George W. Bush and Country Music it all seems to fall into place. The first vid was a nuts turn of events. Watch the video here. Be sure to wait for the surprise ending, who would have thought.

Mind you this vid was a random hit on a google search for something completely unrelated. A guy on the scifi channel, Derren Brown. Like I said, unrelated. Anyways, When I went to link to this movie, I came across Vewgle, an amazing web forum for viral media.

On their main page they have the video of the day. This is an amazing thing, I will be sure to be visiting this site on a daily basis now. And there I found this clip on YouTube, you know the same forum that was asking questions at presidential debates that no one on earth is paying attention to because the damn election is not until next November as in over a year away! A snow man, I mean really? (I know old news there as well) Anyways, the Zombies are coming to get us, so just be glad that we have bush for another year.

Well at least I am protected from the undead. Good to know. And for all you guys in the south careful on those mountain runs.

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