21 September 2011

McDonalds Rant

I ordered a large iced coffee along with oatmeal at the drive through this morning. I was not prompted to tell the server what I wanted in my coffee, but I made sure to tell her milk and 3 spenda after she asked if my order was complete.

When I received my order at the window, I asked the server if there was milk in my coffee. It was almost white in color. She did not speak English fluently and had to ask her manager to clarify. When I asked her manager if there was milk and splenda in my coffee, as I had done previously, she seemed puzzled. It was not until I rephrased my question, "Does this have cream in it" that I was told yes. I again asked for Milk and was told, "You need to order milk 'back there' and pay a dollah." When I tried to explain to her that I only needed a splash of milk in my coffee she picked up a kids milk and shook it at me in the window saying "you need to order and pay for that".

There are two things wrong with this. First, for those of us who are lactose intolerant/reactive and who do not like black coffee, a splash of soy, or skim, or the most readily available option, milk, is preferred. Generally milk is a standard option, not to mention favored by the millions of Americans who are trying to watch their caloric intake and diet. The Second issue I have with this experience is the customer service. I understand that the drive through is fast paced, especially in the morning. However, make an attempt to help the customer. Don't make the only option driving around the building and ordering a separate milk for the same price!

I'm not loving it!