15 September 2005

Archaeology at your desk

I just read the most interesting story on DIGG about a man who discovered an ancient roman villa in his home town in Italy. He was just board at work and playing around with Google Earth and he stumbled upon it. After doing some more research online and with Google maps he decided to call a museum and find out if they knew anything about this site. They then confirmed that this was a new find and it is thought to be from ancient Roman times. So next time your bored, do some archaeology at your computer. Here is a link to the story about him at Nature.com.

Also for those of you who are good 'ol Tech TV fans, check out This Week in Tech. It is a weekly podcast from the screen savers crew. I have to say, its better than what comes through my radio while I am stuck in Atlanta traffic.

Oh and an update on the horrible pain I was in... It still hurts, just not debilitating. Meaning, whomever wants to play some disk golf/regular golf let me know. That one is for you Foster.

I think I am going to start posting more links I find interesting here. If you think they are cool, let me know, if they suck, oh well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Like your blog. Glad you are feeling better.
Love, Mom

9:36 PM  

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