20 February 2006

Looking for a worthy cause

Ok, so I've got this idea. I want to build a car for the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show to raise money for a good cause. Something that will give back to the community and earth that we as gearheads sometimes take for granted. I know what car I want to use and who I want to design it. A new Ford Fusion would make a great base and I happen to have a friend who works in their design studio. Also I think it would be great to focus on the strengths of the vehicle, its driving dynamics. It will never be a Lotus but for a family sedan it is the best America has put forward in a while. According to Motor Trend it has the best tactile feel of any of the big family sedan contenders, i.e. Camry. So here is the conundrum, how to build a car worthy of SEMA and one that promotes not only the brands used but raises money and awareness of some worthy charity. So now I am in the process of trying to come up with an organization that this might benefit. I am looking for ideas. Please if you happen to stumble across this post, drop a note and add your thoughts. At the end of this whole process I would like to auction the car and use the money for charity, or donate it to someone who really needs it. As of right now this is just a brainstorm.

So far:
Children's Cancer Research
Handicap High School Students
Environmental Charity
Police + Fireman
AIDS research

As you all see I could use some help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about a grant for a children's (and youth) art program(s)? Art can do a whole lot of healing to a whole lot of people.

Or bursary given to a child(ren) in elementary school and given to that child(ren) upon graduation from high school?

Anonymous donations to food banks.

Snowsuit funds?

Build a bursary that anonymously dontates money to different groups every year ... how about a school to support books for their library? Adding school yard equipment or grass or new sports equipment?

"Treat a teacher" day where a teacher and her class gets an unexpected pizza day, or supplies for the classroom.

Safe Cycling (bicycling) programs need money to keep the program running.

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