02 February 2006

NPR reviews under-the-radar fuel source that may be ideal for US

Switch grass can produce 1000 gallons of fuel per acre. At even $1.50/gallon, that's a gross of $1500/acre. No other crop we grow has that potential.

If you have a spare second at work take a listen to these reports and those related to them on NPR. The Fact Checking of the State of the Union is a good listen as are the others. I still wonder why nothing was said about BioDiesel. It is an option that is available today and works in current cars and trucks with little or no modification. Plus you can use recycled cooking oil! Your car now runs on McDonalds. I think it is an idea that is much more current and accessible than any ethanol option. It is also a completely renewable resource. Talk about dependences on foreign oil, we could literally grow our way out of this problem, and possibly even export.

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