28 July 2006

Joe Lieberman road to defeat

Here is a vid that I found on Youtube. My family still lives in northern Connecticut and this is a big race up there. Something that started as a small grassroots state race has garnered national attention. Last night Ned Lamont visited my home town, Suffield, to speak at the local high school. (Review here) This was in part due to the effort of passionate democratic locals like my Mom. I am so proud of her and her efforts. Every day she is spreading the word that there is a better choice for CT than Lieberman. It is in part due to her that one pundit said "If this boils down to a competition over the most lawn signs, it'll be Ned vs. Coldwell Banker." Thanks to the internet and people in small towns debating real issues the future does not look so bleak as it once did. Democracy will survive. Go Lamont!


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