25 June 2006

Are the Terrorists using BF2 against us? Congress thinks so...

ABC News have posted a news story about Battlefield 2 and Congress. Of course the good ole Congressmen's have no idea what they're talking about saying that Terrorists are modifying Battlefield 2 to their needs. They also talk about the famous video made by Sonic Jihad who the CIA/Pentagon thought was a training video for Terrorists.

Why are we paying these "experts" to talk to congress? It seems that all they are doing is misleading them. It is a good thing that this hearing was open to the public. I think that more of these should be open to the public so that we can see where our tax dollars are going. You can tell that congress was just itching to go after EA for their terrorist video game. Oh yeah, did anyone else find it funny their gaming expert was using a Mac?

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