25 November 2005

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all three of you who read this blog. I hope that you enjoyed the turkey and stuffing. I am in beautiful sunny Naples, Florida for the holiday. I plan on spending the afternoon on the beach with no thoughts other than the sun and the waves. Today the fam and I worked on replacing all the screens on the porch here at the condo. The hurricane that swept through here this summer mostly just got everything dirty. Sand all over the place. even inside of the washer and drier. Everything is tip top now though and thus it is time for sitting on the sand. I hope everyone at home in the ATL and in New England is keeping warm. This year fellas I don't envy you. Snow and now rain it says, sounds like a fun commute.

One last thing, To hell with GEORGIA! Come on Tech, if we can beat Miami we sure as hell can beat those 'Dawgs!!!


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