11 May 2006

Satellite radio at it’s best.

I am riding out to disk golf one day in the GLI and on Sirrus comes a new song. Eric tells me how great it is. I take a listen while thinking of how to improve my short game. Later on the next week, while tossing around an unidentified flying object, Matt is raving about this new song that he has heard on Sirrus at work. Some underground joint venture between Dangermouse and Cee-lo. Ok, I am intrigued. That following Friday while celebrating the battle of Puebla, Mexico and watching Rob fall out of his sandals the mysterious underground song came on again. I could not take anymore. I had to have it. After a little google here and there I came across this vid on the blog-o-sphere. It's slowed down a bit, with some strings added. Very cool. So a big thank you to Eric, Matt and Satellite radio for Gnarls Barkley. For the rest of you out there here is Gnarls Barkley live on Top of the Pops.

Oh yeah and a shout out to the Blog I found the video on ...good weather for air strikes


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Very good idea

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